Overview of the Reflux Defense System

The Reflux Defense System is a holistic approach to digestive wellness. It combines a multi-discipline approach to treating the entire body, not just the stomach and esophagus. This is because the cause of reflux often starts in our environment due to factors such as lifestyle, posture or diet for example. By following the approaches in this guide you will significantly reduce if not completely eliminate the symptoms of heartburn, reflux and GERD. More importantly you will be treating the underlying causes of digestive upset without upsetting your natural bodily functions or resorting to quick and ultimately harmful fixes like antacids or acid suppression drugs. By taking the natural path you are taking the course to lasting remediation and recovery. You are also avoiding the expense and harmful side effects of prescription drugs and over-the-counter antacids that that provide at best only temporary relief of symptoms. The materials presented in the guide are based on the combined medical research of leading physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists and pharmacists. However, because GERD and reflux can be triggered by a multitude of causes, not every remedy or strategy will work for every sufferer. Therefore, the diagnostic tool should be used to help prioritize an approach based on your lifestyle, physical condition, dietary and personal habits. You will find that certain strategies will be more effective than others. We encourage you to explore the different approaches offered in the guide to discover the options that work best for your own particular case.

RDS OverviewThe first priority of the Reflux Defense System is to reduce the pain, inflammation and provide lasting drug-free relief of symptoms. This first phase of treatment is designed to give GERD sufferers immediate results by using effective all-natural remedies to alleviate pain, reduce esophageal inflammation and improve digestion. When performed together, these remedies act to stop GERD symptoms within approximately 5 to 10 minutes. While the symptoms are treated directly, there is also a longer term benefit since reducing esophageal inflammation also improves the function of the lower esophageal sphincter which is critical to remediating reflux problems.

The second stage provides a combination of techniques which gradually help the body heal itself by resolving the causes and triggers of reflux. These include; dietary triggers, bacterial or fungal infections, poor posture, stress and excess body fat. By following these techniques you should be able to overcome even the most stubborn and pernicious cases of reflux.

In summary, this holistic approach provides short term and long term approaches based to treat the entire body as well as providing rapid relief.

  • Stage 1: Immediate Symptom Relief – provides specific proven techniques that can be implemented immediately and require only limited changes to your lifestyle. They provide immediate symptom relief as well as reducing the aggravation of the LES and gastro-esophageal system, thus speeding long-term recovery. The natural remedies are applied through a simple, easy-to-follow 3-step process.  Many sufferers will find that implementing short term strategies alone will be sufficient to clear up any stubborn reflux symptoms and provide lasting relief.
  • Stage 2: Ongoing Digestive Health Maintenance – includes strategies, tips and techniques that can be implemented over the course of a few days requiring changes to your life style. The goal is to address the underlying condition and causes of GERD thus providing a cure and completely reducing your dependence on remedies and short term fixes.


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