Read through these few of the thousands of testimonials we have received about the guide we are offering you, and learn about the help it has provided people suffering with reflux and GERD issues.

Please take note that though many of these testimonial contain information about treating GERD & reflux. These responses are to specific conditions, which the guide helps you diagnose. Therefore do not try any of these without evaluating the problem through the guide first!


I found a product that contains a mix of quite a few of the recommendations you have listed in your documents. With that I am finding tremendous relief of symptoms which I had had worsening for 20 years while taking prescribed medication. I had terrible symptoms from the ant-acid medications. Hair loss, yellow eyes (two uncommon symptoms of Nexium) .... My esophagus refused to close on those medications. It was so bad that when I had a lot of water to drink and I lay down to sleep the water would run out my nose and wake me up. There was no acid because of the ant-acid but not working either. Years of poor sleep, real pain and real suffering exacerbated by standard prescribed medications. In trusting the medical profession I received my proof it is set up to benefit the drug companies when real simple cures are available over the counter at the local health store. For me the primary repair was the taking of processed Ox bile but I don't know for sure because the product has several items. I don't really care - it works. Thanks, I might not have found relief without your web site. I paid my bill but I am still in your debt as far as I can see currently.

Peter Hughes

I was literally sick of all the band-aid drugs I thought I had to take for my reflux.  Thank you endlessly for helping me out of the vicious cycle.  I must say your natural solutions have really worked miracles for me.  I do hope more reflux sufferers read your enlightening ebook.  It’s all about knowing your options.  Otherwise, you really don’t have any.  Thank you for the education and the answers.  Truly appreciated!

N. Margolin - New York, NY

wow! didn't expect a follow up... I've been of all acid reducing drugs (zantac, tums etc.) since my purchase the aloe combined with the digestive enzymes and acv really pretty much have mitigated my pain andI think my esophogus is begining to heal. thank you very much my life has improved greatly because of your advice. Sent from my iPhone

Jose Gutierrez

Hello Cyndra, I am still wading through all the information in the Reflux Defense guide and trying to digest it, pardon the pun! So far I have tried Aloe Vera juice, which is quite pleasant to take with added honey. I am thinking that maybe probiotic tablets would be worth trying. I notice that milk seems to make the reflux worse so I am limiting my intake. I do believe that the natural approach is the way to go and I have stopped taking nexium. There is a lot of useful information in the guide and I just need to sort through it and find out what works best for me. Thank you for your email, Sincerely,

Sandra Lummis

Hi Cyndra, Thankyou for your interest in how I am doing since I purchased the reflux defence system. I had an endoscopy in January this year and it came back that I had a few problems. I was told to take the proton pump inhibitor Nexium 40mg permanently but was not happy with taking them as I was still having problems. I came across your website when I was at my wits end and had stopped taking the tablets and was worse than before. I started taking the digestive enzymes, aloe vera juice and a pro biotic. I had so much improvement in the first few days it was amazing. I am still having trouble with the reflux but I do not have burning or any pain and definitely have no more nausea. The endoscopy results said that I have an irregularity in my squamo columnar junction so maybe that is what is still causing it. My next step is to try the excercises and see how that goes. Thanks again for taking an interest in me Kind Regards


I purchased a number of products mentioned in the guide and am happy to say I think I am doing quite well. I have been on proton pump inhibitors and Zantac for maybe 8‐10 years and during that time have had at least 3 esophageal endoscopies, all negative for anything bad like Barretts, and began noticing about 3 months ago I was starting to have breakthrough GERD symptoms again so my Protonix and Zantac dosing were losing the desired effect. Your Reflux defense guide was very helpful. Learning that increased stomach acid actually was a stimulus or trigger for closing the LES was a revelation to me. I did not know that. I have been taking the products mentioned in your guide now for almost 2 weeks and feel I am making real progress. I had tried to go off Zantac and proton pump inhibitors in the past but could not but now I know why...they were like an addiction with rebound acidity. Since starting to follow your advice I am now 100% free of proton pump inhibitors, Zantac and all other antacids (eg., Gaviscon, Rolaids, etc.). I have not taken any of that stuff since I began to put acid into my stomach rather than neutralize what little I had. I still sense a little GERD around 4 or 5 pm but I knock it out with DLG. Already I have noticed since starting to follow your advice I am no longer taking the Bragg vinegar to quell my GERD, which by the way was effective, and now I am taking less and less of the DLG as I am having fewer breakthrough GERD events during the day. The Reflux Away has been hugely helpful to me taking it just before or during meals. I have also purchased and am taking several other supplements such as the d‐limonene mentioned in your guide and I believe all have been helpful for me. In short, I am not yet 100% GERD free but I would say maybe 90% there and that is real progress in such a short time. I am very, very pleased. I did not think I would ever get off those meds and I knew they were not good for me but I just was clueless as to what to do as have been the physicians I have consulted. I am so glad I stumbled across your site and purchased your guide on reflux defense. So Thanks! The $20 or whatever it was to access your advice was worth every penny.

Bill Finley Asheville NC, Sent from my iPad

I was recently diagnosed with a mild case of Barrett's esophagus and my gastroenterologist informed me I must take acid suppressers for life. I took them about 4 weeks but was concerned about the side effects.
Unfortunately I went off them cold turkey and got very inflamed. I think my issue is also related to post nasal drip. I have allergies but have had the sinus surgery so my phlegm just drains into my stomach. I have started do the exercises ( not enough) and tried aloe, digestive enzymes and some other anti inflammatories. I am slowly getting less inflamed but I am afraid it will always be an issue.


Dear Cyndra, I found the information in your guide very helpful and it made a lot of sense. I have very gradually started implementing some of the suggestions and feel sure that in time I will get my body to functioning as it should in a totally healthy state. I am beginning to see some improvement already. Thank you. Much appreciated.

Kaye Cathro

I have reviewed your info and have been trying the different suggestions regarding GERD and hiatal hernia. It has been about 3 weeks since I have begun to wean myself off of PPI's that I have been taking for 10 years. I have had to make adjustments daily, and will continue to refer to your material. I have been taking ACV, with occasional use of digestive enzymes, and also taking zantac as necessary for rebound symptoms, with the idea to not take those indefinitely. With food combining and watching diet, my stomach issues seem to be settling down. Thanks for your interest.


My wife is really fighting me with natural cures, Im baffled she would not want to cure our daughter naturally. Anyway we are going to see a gastro specialist on Weds 21. I will be bringing some info from the e-book I got from your company. Hopefully the doctor will have enough sense to embrace it instead of fighting me. I will give you an update after appointment.


Thanks so much for your email.I have found the advice you have given very helpful and have been following it for a while now and i have definately noticed my coughing has stopped and i am able to sleep through the night. I am eating raw,im on the candida diet because i realised through reading your advice that was a big problem.If i stick to what you suggest i do great,if i have a coffeee,something i dont do often..i can cough alot again...I would say there has been a 60% improvement and i realise what triggers the cough...when i add the exercise i think the improvement will be total..i notice it makes a huge difference to if i start the day with a walk Thanks so much ,its been so transformative and i still working with it..


Hi Cyndra, I have been using the system for a while now and I think I'm making progress. I'm waiting on a D-limonene supplement from vitamen shoppe which I'm hoping works well for myself. I am trying to incorporate more raw foods with each meal and I recently begun taking the HCL pills before meals. I started taking them after meals at first which the directions say but your plan says to take them before. I have been taking one pill but today I tried 2 and I had mild heartburn afterwards so I think I need to stick with one per meal. I know it can take months since I've been on omeprozole for years to get my acid back. But I've been off of it for about 4 weeks now. I was considering buying "reflux away" one of your recommendations as an HCL supplement but thought I would wait first to see if the D-limonene worked. Would there be anything that you recommend that would be safe to eat for breakfast? I read oatmeal somewhere but it bothers me. Thank you,


Cyndra. Thanks for checking in. I have been making slow steady progress. I definitely think low acid was part of my problem, I started using hcl, I got up to 3 caps. before feeling a burning within 2 weeks though it reached the point where one cap was giving me the burn. I was checking my acid with the baking soda test 1st thing in the am. Within those 2 weeks I went from not belching to belching within a few minutes. So, I stopped the hcl.
I also took 1 months worth of mastic gum to be safe. I use 1 DGL before every meal and before bed, which is a help. I take 1 papaya/grapefruit enzyme with every meal and one probiotic per day. The one thing that I think has been most helpful is d'limonene, which I am taking every day for now rather than every other. My reflux is slowly getting better and my esophagus slowly healing (aloe juice helps some, but I do not find it to be a miracle cure) it is a long process. Another thing that is making a difference is going from low carb with fruit to cutting out the fruit.
Chewing a piece of Trident Sugarless Bubblegum about 20 minutes after eating also works for me to control any heartburn that might creep up. I have given up coffee, at least for now, but really hope to go back to a cup in am. I am the kind of guy who enjoys a drink or two after the kids are in bed..that is one thing I am not willing to give be it. I have always been a fitness minded person and have practiced many similar excercises to the ones you present for some back and hip issues I have had in the past.
So basically slow steady progress, but still a ways to go. I am determined to beat acid reflux without drugs. Best,


I followed your suggestion of taking HCI with Pepsin and so far so good. Who would have thought I needed more acid, certainly not my own specialist doctor. Thanks,

Fred Alexander

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Urvish Patel

Dear Cyndra, I think the guide is fantastic and well worth the money, I recommend it to who I can, even when the medical diagnosis is not GERD! I have also bought one of the books that you recommended and that is also very helpful though I have not finished reading it yet. The information that I am after, and may well be in the book is a plan to help wean yourself off the prescribed drugs. I have been on Nexium for several years and so when I stop taking it the dyspepsia is most unpleasant. I would also like to know if there is a simple way to actually find out if my system is suffering from excess acid or a lack of it. You would think the doctor would do that but I have found the ' hand out prescription' is the only strategy that they know. I am building up my courage to show my doctor your website in the hope that not only he will read the information, but he will share it with his patients too. Thank you for your help,

Regards, Susan

Thanks for the email - I have used the LifeExtension Quench the Fire system with orange peel extract. I am feeling much better as a result. I have a hiatus hernia, and like the exercises you illustrated so well. It's a great relief to get over this problem. I am being very careful about eating dinner mindfully, and not too late, with lots of chewing and mostly cooked vegetables rather than salad at night. Best wishes,


Dear Cyndra I have taken note of the sections in particular relating to diet, stress management and postural improvement. I will reread the whole guide, and use it as a good reference point. There are lots of helpful strategies and hints that will assist. I am pleased I purchased the guide. Regards

Marie Pernat

Hello Cyndra, I have had a particularly rough few months since receiving your email. I apologize it has taken me so long to reply. Since then, I did forget about answering you until running across the email again today. I did use many of the tips provided in the Reflux Defense System (RDS), and I still do. I was not getting better, for some reason, and was in so much pain, no matter what I tried. I still continued to eat well, never stopped since committing to my health.
I decided I needed to go in for medical tests. My Endoscopy showed I have a small gastric ulcer, that had already started to heal, maybe because of my already starting to eat better and only eat certain foods. I had cut out of my diet all refined carbohydrates, sugar, wheat of any kind, dairy (except butter now and then seems to be no problem), tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, spicy foods, potatoes, chocolate, peanuts, all caffeine (decaff, too), carbonated beverages, and alcohol.
I do not smoke, never have.
I do not have the bacteria that can create an ulcer. So, I could either be one of those that you say is more unusual, who might actually be producing more acid, or my life stresses have gotten the best of me, which may have produced more acid to cause the ulcer, OR, I had been eating all wrong, before coming across the RDS. Before learning about what to eliminate from my diet, or other things I might try changing, I ate everything in moderation, including healthy and nonhealthy foods, dairy, wheat, fatty foods, sugars, a lot of caffeine, but not enough fruits and vegetables, and did not drink enough water. I have since learned that certain foods, especially dairy, can make your stomach produce more acid to counteract the food's alkaline state.
During my early painful stage, after buying RDS... At first, I did try the Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar, and could only manage it in very small amounts, otherwise it made my stomach hurt much worse. It was the same with lemon juice, but either added to salad in a dressing seemed fine. I drank Aloe Vera juice in between meals, which might have helped, but I could not tell either way by how I felt. I also tried Slippery Elm in powder form, dissolved on my tongue, followed by water, which did seem to help, but not enough for me to think all that I was doing was enough. I had and still continue to drink Peppermint tea quite a bit, and my overall water intake has tripled, which could only help my stomach. My diet has been fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), organic as much as possible, lean meats, fresh fish, raw nuts in moderation (but no peanuts), avocadoes for its healthier form of fat, healthy oils, and still allowed myself butter in moderation. I have not gone overboard for using corn products as substitute carb, as it an be a GMO food. For healthy carbs, I mostly have eaten brown rice and beans. I have also not jumped on eating the gluten free substitute foods, as I found many of their ingredients can be refined grains, such as white rice or potato starch.
I ate this way for 3 months, and was feeling a little better, overall, but then would still have major set backs that made me question everything. What did I change? What caused the pain this time? I HAD to get tested, and I thought my G.I.
So,the medical test answered some questions. I discussed with my doctor the RDS, as I wanted her to know what I learned and what I was doing. She should know!!! It turns out, she is open to homeopathic medicine, and said with the findings of my Endoscopy test, I would still need to go back on stomach medication. She insisted.
So, yes, unfortunately, I went back on my stomach medicine, so that my ulcer can heal. I have been on the drug since the end of November, and am feeling much better. I continue to eat well, and hope some day VERY soon, I can go off the medicine, as I am concerned about it inhibiting absorption of what little calcium I do get. I also don't want to knock my body off balance, and want to correct this naturally. I take a good calcium supplement, and at the opposite time of day that I take my stomach pill.
I hope that answers some of your questions. It's maybe more than you wanted to know. I am not out of the woods yet, not 100% well, and am still open and wanting to learn more. I need to go back to the RDS to see what else I should be doing that I missed the first (and second and third) time reading through. I started to wonder if I was truly one of the 10% of the population that might actually have high acid production, so I have been focusing on more "pH balanced" eating, rather than increasing my own acidic food intake, if that makes any sense. I also have made steps toward alleviating some of the familial stresses that were pretty high, am exercising, and with the way I eat now, have dropped my weight (cannot help BUT lose!)... I am now only 10 pounds from my ideal weight.
As I am feeling better, I am "cheating" now and then, testing the waters so to speak, but just once in a while, one at a time, to see. I have since learned that our wheat is poor quality here in the U.S. and really have no desire to eat the wheat products in the states again. Nor do I want to eat foods that are GMO. I am not wanting to change my diet back to the way I was eating before, so overall, I am eating the RDS way. I imagine this will be my diet even after I go off the stomach medicine, and am questioning if the changed diet will be enough to keep me on track... I'm trying not to worry about it, as worry might have contributed to my problem to begin with.
That's how I am doing so far, in a large nutshell. I do wish I could say that the RDS alone has made me better, but it has helped. I also have wracked my brain to see what else I can do. For example, now that I know I have an ulcer, I also learned that cabbage juice can help with that. I welcome any help or suggestions you might have either for the immediate plan, or for my keeping on track overall Thank you for such an informative and great system of information. Very best regards, Trudy Karl

Trudy Karl

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